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WMP Tag Plus Screenshots


FLAC files in Windows Media Player's Library

Windows Media Player while playing an album of FLAC files. Notice that "flac" is displayed for each file in the Type column, and that all of the files' metadata, including length, is available.
(Click the image for a full-sized version)


Editing FLAC tags with the Advanced Tag Editor

Windows Media Player 11's Advanced Tag Editor for the first track of the album shown above. The track's FLAC tags are shown and can be edited.


WMP Tag Plus settings: Extensions

This page shows all the file extensions for which WMP Tag Plus adds library and tagging support to Windows Media Player, together with their format. You can easily remove existing or add new extensions, and select the corresponding format.


WMP Tag Plus settings: Formats

This page shows all the formats that WMP Tag Plus supports. Formats can be enabled/disabled, and you can view information such as author, version, and full path to the tag support's DLL file.

WMP Tag Plus settings: Tools

On this page, you can let WMP Tag Plus scan the library for untagged songs of the newly supported formats. You can also configure the warning that WMP Tag Plus shows when the plug-in is disabled.


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