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Is Windows Media Player Plus! compatible with my system?

Windows Media Player Plus! supports Windows Media Player 12 on Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 10.

The plug-in should also still work fine with Windows Media Player 11 on Windows Vista, but that combination isn't officially supported anymore.

Why aren't the tag changes that I make in Tag Editor Plus being written to file?

Windows 10

In more recent versions of Windows 10 (more specifically, since the April 2018 Update), there's a new setting in Windows Media Player called Write media information changes to files. By default, this setting is turned off, which means that any tag changes made in Windows Media Player won't be written back to file. This applies to files in a format natively supported by Windows Media Player, as well as to files in a format supported through the WMP Tag Plus plug-in.

Because of this, it's highly recommended to manually turn this setting on before making any tag changes, otherwise you run the risk that the tags in Windows Media Player get out-of-sync with the tags embedded in the files. To do so, go to ToolsOptionsLibrary (press Ctrl+M if you don't see the Tools menu), tick the Write media information changes to files box, and press OK.


If you're running Windows 10, please check the section above first.

For other versions of Windows, or in case the information above doesn't help, the WMP Tag Plus FAQ has a list of more general items to check/try. Most of these items are applicable even if you don't have the WMP Tag Plus plug-in installed and the tag format is already natively supported by Windows Media Player.

If the file is in a format not natively supported by Windows Media Player, please double-check that you have WMP Tag Plus installed and that that plug-in is still enabled (as well as going through the other items on that list).

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