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SmartClose Screenshots


SmartClose Main Window

This is the first window you'll see when starting SmartClose. From here, you can start the Close Programs or Restore wizard, access the Settings or About window, or exit SmartClose.


The Close Programs wizard - Tasks

In the first step of the Close Programs wizard, you can select the tasks that should be performed by the wizard.
Note: On Windows 95, 98 and ME the task "Stop Windows Services" is replaced by "Disable the Windows Task Scheduler".


The Close Programs wizard - Protected Programs

This wizard step allows you to edit the list of protected programs, programs that will be ignored by SmartClose.
Protected programs can be added or edited with the dialog box below.


The Close Programs wizard - Closing programs...

Here, SmartClose is executing the selected tasks. It's now going through the list of running programs and closing all the programs that aren't protected.


The Restore wizard - Programs

If the selected system snapshot contains any programs, SmartClose shows this step of the Restore wizard. You can select the programs that should be restored here.
SmartClose will also remember the arguments and working directory of closed programs.


The Restore wizard - Additional Options

A system snapshot can also contain other information, such as closed (Internet) Explorer windows, stopped services, and if the screen saver was disabled. This page allows you to select which of these items should be restored.



The Settings window

SmartClose allows many settings to be configured in the Settings window. This tab shows the settings that can be changed for the Close Programs wizard.



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