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WabMail is a small tool that shows a list of all the e-mail addresses in a Windows Address Book (.wab) file.



Sometimes, you just quickly have to get a list of all the e-mail addresses in your address book. This can happen, for example, when you are configuring an anti-spam tool and you want to put all the addresses from your address book in the 'white list', to make sure that the e-mails coming from your friends won't be marked as spam. WabMail will make this task much easier for you because it can open a Windows Address Book file (this is a file with the .wab-extension, hence the program name) and will display the e-mail addresses that this address book contains.

Other features of WabMail:

  • A function to instantly open the default address book, the address book that Outlook Express uses, so you don't need to browse to it manually.
  • WabMail allows you to rapidly copy all the currently displayed addresses to the Clipboard.
  • If you also want to get a list of other fields in the address book (such as the phone number), you can start the Windows Address Book Export Tool from within WabMail. This tool can export an address book to a file. Normally, there's a bug in this tool that prevents it from also exporting the subfolders in the address book, but WabMail will take special measures to work around this.
  • WabMail is a small and fast program that does what it's supposed to do, nothing more, nothing less. It's also very simple, so you normally don't need any help to use the program.

Note: the last versions of Windows supported by WabMail are XP and Server 2003. WabMail is not compatible with Windows Vista or newer. The program doesn't have much use on these newer operating systems anyway, because Windows Address Book (WAB) has been replaced by Windows Contacts there.

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WabMail version 1.0
with installer

WabMail version 1.0
without installer

This is the WabMail Setup, that will install all the required files to your computer.

This is a zip archive, that contains the WabMail executable and readme file. You will have to manually extract these files to a folder on your computer.

Date: February 28, 2005
File size: 116 KB
Filename: WabMail-1.0.exe

Date: February 28, 2005
File size: 42 KB

Download now!
Server: (The Netherlands)


Download now!
Server: (The Netherlands)



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