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Windows Media Player Import for Winamp

Windows Media Player Import is a free Winamp plug-in for importing the Windows Media Player library.



This plug-in allows you to import the Windows Media Player library into Winamp, including all metadata that is only stored in the library, such as ratings and play counts. Winamp already has built-in functionality for importing the iTunes library, but provides nothing similar for WMP. The purpose of this plug-in is to fill that gap.

Furthermore, the plug-in offers the following features:

  • Easily choose what files to import: all audio and video files, only audio files, only video files, or only files in a specific playlist.
  • Can remove files from the Winamp library that are not found in the WMP library. You can use this if you want to keep an exact copy of your WMP library in Winamp.
  • Importing is pretty fast; it only takes a few seconds to import a library of about 2.000 files on a standard PC.
  • Doesn't make any changes to the WMP library, so that library is guaranteed to be safe.
  • An option to automatically import on every Winamp startup.

Requirements: Windows 2000 or higher, Winamp 5 or higher, Windows Media Player 9 or higher

Comments, questions, problems, bug reports etc. can be posted in the Windows Media Player Import thread at the Winamp Forums.



Windows Media Player Import version 1.1

Date: November 3, 2009
File size: 134 KB
Filename: ml_WMPImport-1.1.exe

Download now!
Server: (The Netherlands)




Version History

Version 1.1 (November 3, 2009)

  • The plug-in now imports the Disc-field ('Set' in Windows Media Player).
  • Compatible with metadata fields and filenames containing Unicode characters.
  • Fixed: when a metadata field was cleared in Windows Media Player, the plug-in possibly didn't clear the corresponding Winamp field on next import.
  • Fixed: the plug-in couldn't distinguish playlists with the same name.
  • Fixed: the Year-field didn't get imported when Windows Media Player 9 or 10 was used.
  • Fixed: when certain metadata fields were changed in Windows Media Player while Winamp was already running, Winamp had to be restarted before the changes could be imported.
  • Fixed: possible Winamp crash while importing.
  • You can now access the plug-in through the Library button, which should always be available, regardless of the skin being used.
  • The check for removed files now happens before instead of after the actual importing. This makes the process faster if the Winamp library doesn't contain a lot of items yet.
  • Various small UI changes.

Version 1.0 (July 2, 2009)

  • First public release.



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